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Budgeting for Hair and Makeup

I find it interesting that I get a lot of calls from brides very last minute and by this I mean 2 to 3 months before the wedding. At this stage of the planning most of the budget has been distributed and brides start to scramble for a hair and makeup artist with what ever is left over (usually not much).

Your wedding day is such a big occasion and you want to look your best and to be remembered. You and the groom are going to be photographed all day/night, not your flowers (though they will get some attention), guests will soon forget the small details of your big day but they'll remember what you looked like, most importantly your pictures will be there for a lifetime. So Don't skimp on hair and makeup for the sake of other details when doing the original budget.

It is recommended to secure a professional Hair and Makeup artist at the latest 6 months before the big day. Artists that are in demand are usually booked a year in advance.

You will be tempted to go to a makeup counter selling high end cosmetic brands and have your makeup done by the staff on hand in hopes of getting some tips but save yourself the time and energy and avoid doing this at all costs. It will just confuse you and it will not help you come up with a clear idea of what you want to look like on your wedding day. These "makeup artists" are there to sell you their product and in most cases don't know the first thing about the artistry.

When selecting a Hair and makeup artist, have a clear idea of how many people in your party you want to include in the quote and also keep in mind the amount of time it would take to get everyone ready, so don't be too ambitious with the number of Bridesmaids, mothers, etc.

Select someone with experience that knows how to do something that will last all day and night (both hair and makeup).

Those that specialise in weddings usually have a set price for the day and don't charge by the number of persons getting ready.

Make sure that they are willing to travel to your venue and confirm if there is any travel fees. The average price is abut 40p per mile.

The prices for this type of service varies depending on the region of the country you live in. It could range from £300 to £700 per day.

You could opt for having your hair and makeup done in a salon on the day. They usually have set prices for and usually charged on a per person basis, they average about £75 for makeup and £75-£100 for hair. Not necessarily a bargain when you consider the number of people that are getting ready it could work out better to hire someone that comes to you and charges a flat rate for the day.

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