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Wedding Season

Such an exciting time of year, wedding season is upon us and even though most brides have been planning their big event for months and years there are still brides that plan last minute weddings and that’s great. It’s great to be spontaneous (for whatever reason) but even though it’s a short lived planning period it still not a time to skimp on the important things.

Once again I’d like to make my case for the importance of Bridal Hair and Makeup for your special day. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I’d like to remind all the beautiful brides out there that this occasion (in most cases) is a once in a lifetime event that deserves to have all the bells and whistles thrown at it and of course how much effort should go into the way you look. All eyes and cameras will be on you and that’s where we as Hair and Makeup specialists come in, we have the knowledge to give you a look that suits your venue, dress, theme and most importantly your personal style. We posses the skills to make sure your makeup lasts hours and can withstand all the dancing, kissing and excitement on your wedding day but most importantly it will be camera ready. To some, the idea that makeup is makeup is the kind of mindset that leads to disasters when the pictures come back.

We understand lighting and how makeup reacts to different lighting situations so we tailor the makeup to the specific needs that make the photographers (and videographers) work easier and gives you the best results. We advice you on skin care prior to your big day and help you avoid skin issues that are very common during the stressful time of planning a wedding.

I always say that the most important investment for a bride is the day of the trial run because this is the day when you iron out your look and try our different ideas that work for you and discard the ones that don’t. More often than not the ideas that you have for your hair and makeup do not work for your face/hair type, we help guide you and steer you to a final look that suits you and your big day best. On the day of the practice run you develop a relationship with your stylist and plan the “Glam” part of your special day, you figure out the timings for you and your wedding party and you create a schedule for the preparation. On this day we will discuss your skin type and advice you on the necessary skin routine that will give you the best results.

So remember, don’t skimp on the hair and makeup, it’s just as important as the flowers, seating arrangements, venue, menu and all the other fun bits that come with weddings. I believe it’s probably the most important part but maybe I’m just biased.

Happy planning!!

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