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How to Ensure your hair stays in place during the day

- wet weather tips - There's not much you can do on wet whether days except be ready with umbrellas or covering that will protect your hair. Make sure not to over compensate with hair spray as this will not help and may alter the look of the finished style.

- windy - If you know that it's windy out and you'll be exposed to it make sure your stylist uses hairspray with extra hold (they'll have a good idea of what works) but once again making sure not to over spray as the hair will start to look wet and plastered. In some cased it's recommended to change your hairstyle at the last minute and opt for something more structured and pinned. Especially if you'll be outside.

- Long day - In most cases brides will have to deal with keeping their hair style lasting from early morning to late in the evening. Make sure to emphasise this to your stylist and they will spend a little more prep time on the hair to ensure there are products that will set the curl or style in place for a long period. Be ready to use a large amount of hair pins (grips) to guarantee that Up-Dos stay in place. Make sure they are place in a manner that does not expose them.

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