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Hair Tips for the lead-up to Wedding Day

- when to have last cut - Normally it's a good idea to leave your last cut to about a week before the bid day but follow the advice of your hairdresser. The most important thing to remember is to keep the length you need for the style you've chosen and just have a clean-up of the ends and not a full cut.

- when to have final dye - Hair colour should be done with enough time to correct any mistakes or to get used to a colour change. Give yourself at least two weeks but if you're comfortable and you're getting the same treatment you normally get then just do you're colour touch-ups closer to your wedding day.

Very Important: If you're having your hair up (up-do) and you normally get highlights, this time get the entire head done as your hair will look two toned when it is up at the back.

- hair masks and treatments - Don't try anything new too close to your wedding day this is not a time to experiment. Your hair will be easier to style if it is more corse and not over conditioned, so don't over do it. (I know this goes against everything you would do normally).

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