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Things to consider for your Wedding Hairstyle

-Hair extensions - In some cases it may be necessary to use hair extensions to achieve the look (style) you want and this perfectly acceptable but be sure to purchase Clip-in real human hair extensions and that you match the hair colour as exact to your own hair colour as possible. If you think that the hair colour is not close enough then take the (human hair) extensions with you to your colourist to have then dyed to match yours.

- Where to buy Extensions- I recommend a few places for great hair extensions They have a great selection and the colour chart online is very specific and you rarely get a mismatch. You can also visit their kiosk at Selfridges (basement) but the selection there is limited. They are very quick to post and their prices are great.

Sally's beauty supplies (they are all over the country) have a selection of human hair extensions and the best thing about going to Sally's is that you can actually see the hair and in some cases you'll be able to feel the texture.

Selfridges (basement) has other hair extensions Kiosks so you can actually browse if you'd rather not shop online for your hair.

Keep in mind that you'll probably be needing hair extensions just to add a little extra hair to make your style fuller or more effective to create certain up-dos. I don't recommend walking down the isle with a completely new look of extra long hair as this is not what people expect you to look like and everyone will know you've got hair extensions in.

-How to style your hair to include fresh flowers - Including flowers in your hair is such a personal thing and it is also very specific to certain styles so make sure you've chosen something that is in keeping with the venue and wedding dress. For a more Earthy, Romantic look it is best to use smaller flowers and to have a very soft and unstructured hair style. Putting loose plaits (braids) around the head will give you the perfect nest to pin your flowers into or to sit a crown of flowers on.

For a more classic, sophisticated hair style especially something more sleek and structured use bigger flowers. Put them in clusters of odd numbers 1 or 3. Never use too many flowers if you're opting for a larger flower.

I recommend notifying your florist that you will have flowers in your hair and to provide some individual stems with some wiring fixed in so that they are easier to pin into your hair.

-How to style your hair to include a veil - If you're wearing a veil, make sure that you have designated an area where it will sit. Most veils come with a comb attached which make it easier to put in place so make sure that your hair style has compensated for this in some cases all you need is a little bit of backcombing in the area where it will sit also a knot or pinned curls work will for this. It is very important that the you have practiced removing the veil as you will probably not be wearing it all night and you don't want to ruin your hair when you decide to take it off. It should come off without interrupting the hair much.

-How to style your hair to include a tiara - Tiaras are very specific to a more classic and glamorous style and in most cases are best suited for up-dos so the thing to remember is to make sure they have a "stage" or a place to frame on your head. Some backcombing or a style that will let the tiara sit comfortably in. Rarely does a crown or tiara look good with the hair down.

photo: Mark Bond

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